John Galt

Hey dude. Let me know when you can play mmk
Hey man when does it work. for you guys to play our game/
hey dude, if you still need more players I'm available anyrole needed(preffered HC)my solo is 3.8k and I have 4,500 hours played
Excellent! Feel free to add me on steam.
If y'all need a caster for your upcoming league games let me know.
Hy admin, sry me again and again problems in Josh Gaming TV, I contacted our oponnents 8 days before the game should start and asked for a reschedule cause we ken that 2 guys wont be there. The other team didnt respond until last day, where they said me they let me know when we reschedule (I have steam Chat). I got no respond by them, then next day I saw that they made a 2-0 forfeit... I mean this is not the normal way to do this, we wanna play games and not just get default wins all the time... Can you please help us communicate between them and make up a date and time where we can play? Im really loosing my nerves with people like this^^
can we get 2 wins because last week they forfieted and no one gave us the wins
Hy admin, we have some problems in Josh Gamin TV League, our oponnetns have another game scheduled at the same date and time and they wanted to reschedule. For 3 days now i get no more answer from their captain. Whar shell i do now?^^
hey, I wanted to find out if these games are a best of 2 or a best of 3?:)
Thanks for your help debugging!
Havoc 10/19/15 1:57PM EDT
Admin, please take a look at the champion play off Team Vicious vs Galahad Gaming You put the score, but me and their captain decided to change the date and time of out game. Screenshot is attached. Sincerely Pavel
Dear Team Coordinator or Manager; On behalf of Demolition Scor "DeS" Team, we would like to invite your team to participate in our DS Monthly Cup, Scheduled on Saturday August 1st, 2015. The cup will be played in US Servers. The DS Monthly Cup features: - $200 CAD Price pool, - 1st place: $150 CAD & 2nd place: $50 CAD - Invited 16 Teams - Captain mode, best of 1 - Brackets. We Invite you to share this invitation with other DOTA 2 Teams. To submit your application at our website: (Note: A confirmation will be emailed when your application is received) Please feel free to contact our admin at: We are looking forward to your participation! Sincerely,
still looking for a team to match up with in s8 heroic. there is a team in our division that's not matched up. we playing them? (kick ass patrol)
Hey, I just register to S7 but I'm really not sure who are we going to play against, thanks for you help!
Hello. I did not paid fee yet. If i will pay today, will my team participated in the tournament ?
L3Y 4/13/15 11:22AM EDT