Our amazing Casters!

Name Twitch Channel Add on steam Region
Alterion 17S http://www.twitch.tv/alterion17s Plus Central US
| 冰狐 | @Arctic IceFloof http://www.twitch.tv/arcticicefox Plus Central US
Cptn.Canuck http://twitch.tv/cptncanuckdota Plus NA
Merlunie twitch.tv/merlunie Plus NA
Fudo twitch.tv/fudox Plus US East
Nyefan twitch.tv/nyefan Plus USE/USW
Limius Plus US-EAST
KleverSneeK Plus
Phage (@ThatPhageGuy) http://www.twitch.tv/thatphageguy Plus NA East
gu3st http://www.twitch.tv/gu3st12 Plus US West
Humanisto twitch.tv/humanist Plus
Crasheroni https://www.twitch.tv/crasheroni Plus Canada
Mortimier http://www.twitch.tv/mortimier92 Plus NA
@PlagueDota twitch.tv/thespkyplague Plus US
braydo_ Plus US East/US West
Snarf|Snarf www.twitch.tv/general_snarf_snarf Plus US east
V3GAN Plus US East
legion170 www.twitch.tv/allaboutdota Plus NA Doto
Sequoia www.twitch.tv/allaboutdota Plus
Tuck_Dog www.twitch.tv/tuck_dog Plus US East
Darmin http://www.twitch.tv/DarminCast Plus Central US
KAYZER_TJ_BO http://www.twitch.tv/lager219 Plus South America
(CraigChrist)FidelCashedBro http://www.twitch.tv/craigchrist11 Plus US East
Grim :| http://www.twitch.tv/the_millard Plus
CORPHISH www.twitch.tv/arikant Plus EUW
Peach3s http://www.twitch.tv/peach3splays Plus EU West
Fafnir Plus
ffs twitch.tv/qbic9 Plus Russia
Swan Song twitch.tv/infectiousmaniac Plus US EAST
Johnnie Snugs http://www.twitch.tv/greenn_gold Plus US East
BTF.BringerOfRain Plus Canada
アルプライ Plus
Heartlash http://twitch.tv/castingbros Plus USEast
Ringo www.twitch.tv/ringo1108 Plus Europe
Red King https://www.twitch.tv/officialredking Plus US West
CHiLLY twitch.tv/yaboychilly Plus
[N]otoriou$.Pos5 https://twitch.tv/notoriousdota Plus US East
SmokingMonkey Plus US Central
Ya like jazz? Plus
Richard Colson Baker Plus US East
The Rev www.twitch.tv/Rev69 Plus US
NaVi.NotHitler69.ca https://www.twitch.tv/tacomanswagger69 Plus US East, US West
Drip 2 hard twitch.tv/Dt8mrpanda Plus United states
Jammytwit Plus
Nomides Plus
Yanp Plus
Jukester https://www.twitch.tv/jukester201 Plus US East/West
twitch.tv/jadeandnina /jadeandnina Plus NA
Mr.Brightside Plus
ZEN twitch.tv/zendota117 Plus USA EAST
Sakai Tama Https://www.Twitch.Tv/Pro_SakaiTama Plus United States East
Trench Twitch.tv/trencharu Plus US East
m4ma https://www.twitch.tv/kidsunboy Plus US West / US East
The Measel Weasel https://www.twitch.tv/sgtpepperd2/ Plus US East
BD2AM-Shaman https://www.twitch.tv/shamanusa Plus US East

During our registration period you can sign up your team to compete in AD2L.

To sign up for AD2L complete the following steps:

  1. Sign into steam
  2. Click the "My info/Teams" tab
  3. Find the team section
  4. Complete the input box with your team name
  5. Select the region you would like to compete in and estimated MMR. NA = North America, EU=Europe
  6. Click Submit.
    1. Afer you are registered you can go to your team page and add people to your team.

      Follow us on Twitter and Facebook to get the latest announcements on registration periods and season start dates.Please note that until registration is open for the next season you will not be able to register a new team.

In Season 4 the captain will be responsible for adding any team members to his team. There will be no way for a player to join a team without the captain. However, in order to be added to a team you will have to be in our system.

To get into our system you'll simply need to sign in through steam!.

If you are a captain and want to add a player you do the following:

  1. Select desired player from the "add player" section
  2. When the desired players are listed, click "add them!"
  3. Smile and send a maple bar to Leskin. He deserves it.

Please do! We really want AD2L to be a community where teams can find players and players can find teams. In order to get on the free agent list do the following:

  1. Sign in through Steam
  2. Set your free agent status to "Yes".
  3. Find teams. Make teams. Make friends. Play. Win.

Each player on our site has their own page where they can put something about themselves in their bio, list their desired roles, their MMR and total hours played. Please use these so that teams can recruit you and you can easily recruit others. You can sort by any of these statistics on our free agent page. We also have a few additional pretty cool tools that you can use.


Each player's page has a heart right next to their name. If you click this heart, you endorse that player as a good player or someone worth playing with. If you enjoyed playing with a player even a little, we encourage you to endorse this person. This doesn't necessarily mean the player is going to be professional by any means. It's just a little something saying that someone real believes this player has value.


Comments are like one step beyond an endorsement. If you feel that soemone was especially worthwhile, leave a comment! This should help others know a little more about the player and their skills. This is NOT a place for flames or criticisms. Comments are not anonymous and if we will take further action.

Almost always yes! Our premier league has contracted casters but the rest of our groups almost always needs casters and we love the games to be cast! In order to be able to cast for AD2L please do the following:

  1. Sign in through Steam
  2. Email the url of your player page to dota@playon.gg requesting that you'd like to cast
  3. Pick a game that you want to cast and tell and admin to schedule it for you! Done!
  4. Side note: We REALLY want the AD2L community to grow. We encourage you to add the captains on steam and let them know that you want to cast their game. Get to know people! Almost all teams would love to have their game cast!

Your feedback is extremely important to us.

If you contact us, we WILL respond. Fast.

Join our steam group chat for possibly instant answers!

Message all admins -- ad2l-admins@googlegroups.com
Shadowkiller --sethad2l@gmail.com or add him on steam

Our awesome admins!
Contact Submaniac or KuroSaki for information on inhouses.

We are extremely grateful for their support!

  • Ben Boyce
  • G|91
  • PubsCast.Tv
  • Charlie Croom
  • Duy Vu
  • Feeder_Noob
  • Kaleb Eskridge
  • Kieran Wasylysyn
  • Jonathan Cooper
  • Jake Weisgable
  • Lindsey Irving