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Pacific Time (US & Canada)
is it too late to join for the current season for either under 4.2 or heroic?
Hey we're not able to be seen yet on ad2l, we're team "thought I was him" https://dota.playon.gg/seasons/162
asg 4/14/16 1:36AM EDT
Hi havoc, im having an issue trying to post my last 2 matches idk whats wrong, my team name is adhuc stantes and im the captain,
hello this is from Team pikachuu NO.35 we dont have a division and we dont see game coming tonight 。 so what we do now?
.du 4/5/16 8:01PM EDT
hey so we are supposed to play a match at 6 my time but we have no one to vs can you help?
Hi Havoc, I accidently registered my team for JoshGaming, can u remove us please? Team name is 79. Sry for disturbing.
Hi Havoc. Help me pls. I pressed "remove" in this match (missclick) https://dota.playon.gg/matches/8636 help pls. Team - Are you Ready
!qwx 4/5/16 5:34AM EDT
Hey soooooooo who am i versing?
Hello havoc we are new here just wanna know how could we have a match here :? are we supposed to be assinged automatically for a match :?
Hello havoc we are new here just wanna know how could we have a match here :? are we supposed to be assinged automatically for a match :?
Hey Havoc, looks like you got your hands full. Just wanted to check on the match Bare Exposure vs Neutral Creeps Gone Wild, I was previously on ncgw and registered as Bare Exposure, it registered both my teams and now they play each other.
I can not find my opponent
I have some questions what name I have to create the lobby , the day of departure?
Anyway we could move our match tonight back an hour or two?
Yo. I think that the division with Fruity Plebbles in it should be moved into another division (maybe 8).
If you want to cast our next match please let me know in advance so our opponents aren't caught by surprise. I would've let you cast our match vs evolve but they didn't know who you were so were suspicious. I'd love to give you more casting opportunities, but you have to let me know in advance little buddy. Good luck in everything! I also got the ticketing thing straightened out as the little guy in rick and morty would say woo e!
hi i just signed up with boysafterdark on the s9 enty league can you put me in a division \
hey havoc, i need you to remove me from the roster of Hidden Power.the website doesnt allow me to remove myself from that roster. add me if any question
Hey this is the Captain of Wards in Base, I understand we came a bit late to the party, just wondering if we start in the first game week or the second game week. Thanks
Gorgs 9/30/15 1:46PM EDT
Hello Admin! I recently change the team name from BCD to BCG from error. It is still showing up as BCD in the league though. Is there a way to fix that?
Hey, my team (The Electric Panther Experience) was placed in a division today, but it's just us. Does this mean we won't be playing Week 1?
Hey, don't know if you're the one to ask but I was wondering if there's a way to change the name of my team on the AD2L website. We are Big Man Gaming in S9 NA Heroic
oi havoc m8 whens the games startin
Hey Havoc I just joined S8 SA Liga abierta how do I get started Im new in the site :(
Hello havoc, Waifu And Senpai just completed the 2 games against Elevated Altitude, I can't upload the win screen image (e.g. Launching an error!)
Hi Havoc, same issue as most of the ones below. Looks like we are in our own division and not scheduled to play anyone. Are we too late?
Hey havoc!, we joined yesterday to the S8 SA league, but it seems that there is a division only for us (CrusherS), is this normal? Also, how do we know when we are going to play?
hey i signed up for casting i was wondering if i could cast for your tournament please? thx a lot im just starting out and dont know too much
hey havoc Kick ass Patrol still nedds someone too play vs on July 9 heroic . got anyone lined up for us?
My team joined s8 Champion and we have a division of our own, just making sure it will be fine since the thing starts tommorrow.
Marci 7/8/15 7:35PM EDT
hey havoc i signed up for the s8 heroic and it shows our team in a division of its own does that mean it takes time to schedule us in or did we not make it in time? It allowed us to enter and pay so i would like to be sure. thanks , from team Sanity's Eclipse
Hey Havoc. I just missed the S8 NA Champion application for my team and was curious if there was any way to still enter? If not, I just want to say that our team is available to sub in for any teams that change their minds or can't play for some reason. Our team is Young]Gaming and I am the captain. If anything arises, please contact me! Thanks, Ayko.
Hi, I signed up a team (TBD) to the S8 Europe Open league/tournament, but I'm worried it might have been too late as we seem to be outside the list of scheduled games? Will we be able to play in the league? I appreciate having an odd number of teams might make things awkward with byes etc, but it would be good to play a few games if possible Thanks
Hi havoc our team is in a league without any other people. Can you explain to me what happened? Because we did pay but we didnt get to play.
Hi Havoc , i`ve just joined s6 Champion . Can u help me , i dont know how to play versus other teams
hi, when i can get schedule for my team> thanks
Made a mistake and registered under ENTRY instead of HEROIC... can we make the switch happen?
Just about finished registering my team Havoc, Would like you to contact me regarding placing certain times and what not thank you.
Have added you to Arcane Defenders if your interested in playing NA entry starting january 22nd.
hi hovoc report match TridentGaming vs s69 win s69 2-0 s5 na entry ty
I forgot to change the game so that it would show in the ADL watch tab but we won both of our games. Our team name is the Boto Busting bois NA entry division could you please change it so we have two wins
Our opponents can not play, http://imgur.com/jOauCLB, DRUCKWELLE eSports e.V. Dota2 vs Sons of Anarchy. Can we enter defwin?
Havoc since you're the admin for the entry level of S5 I thought i would need to add you so you could count the games in the AD2L system. Alright thank you and hopefully talk to you later.
Hi Havoc , i`ve just joined S4 Champion . Can u help me , i dont know how to play versus other teams :D And i hope u accept my Friend Request :D

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