S35 Voyager


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Date Match Score Details
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT Chewie Gang vs WSS.Harpies 1 : 1 Info
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT BigDingos vs Team Blink (b) 0 : 2 Info
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT Disciples of Synderen vs The Petting Zoo Rejects 0 : 2 Info
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT LoveLess vs Hobbit Hole 1 : 1 Info
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT Based Police vs HoH2 0 : 2 Info
7/7/22 9:00PM EDT Composite Damage vs Wards In Base Prodigy 0 : 2 Info

**AD2L Leagues & Prize Pool**

  • Entry Fee per team is $5.00. Fee gets bumped up to $10.00 10 days before season start. Register at https://dota.playon.gg/seasons

  • -Explorer League - Prize Pool $15.00 (Weighted Avg Crusader 3)

  • -Voyager League - Prize Pool $15.00 (Weighted Avg Archon 3)

  • -Challenger League - Prize Pool $25.00 (Weighted Avg Legend 1)

  • -Warrior League - Prize Pool $35.00 (Weighted Avg Legend 4)

  • -Conquerer League - Prize Pool $45.00 (Weighted Avg Ancient 4)

  • -Champion League - Prize Pool $TBA (Weighted Avg Divine 4, 6.3K limit)

    (Check eligibility at http://ad2l.s3-website-us-east-1.amazonaws.com/)

  • *Rank eligibility is checked 1 week before season start. Ranking up is allowed afterwards, though admins reserve the right to remove a player or team in extreme cases.

*-Games are scheduled for Thursday night 9pm est.

    • Player Account Rules

    • -The account must be calibrated.

    • -The account must have matchmaking data public.

    • -The account must have a minimum of 500 games.

    • -A player may only play in one league

    • -If a player on your team has multiple accounts, please make sure all have public match making available and provide a dotabuff link to the admins. 

    • -If we suspect a smurf account/cheating we have a right to remove teams or forfeit their matches at any time depending on the severity.

    If you do not disclose smurfs or alts at the start of the season, you may be entitled to a draft penalty, or worse EXPELLED from the league. Punishments at the start of the league will be lighter, than ones placed towards the end.

    -For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact the admins via #admin-request in discord.

    Team & Captain Rules

    • Team rosters are limited to 5 people max, and should be kept up to date on the website.

    • Team Captains must have their team tag in their nickname on discord.

    • Captains should notify the admins so they can be given the ticket as well as the captain’s role which will give access to the captain’s channel in discord.

    • If you do not have your full roster listed on the site, you will not be allowed to play.
      Contact an admin via ticket if you can not field a full team week 1 or are having an issue that’s preventing you from listing your roster.

    As a captain, you are expected to be responsible for the following things:

    -Make sure your team can make it to the matches, or rescheduling/finding a stand-in in a timely fashion.

    -Ensuring that the match settings are correct.

    -Making sure your players are displaying good sportsmanship.

    -Making sure your players are compliant with the rules.

    Season Structure

    • Season will start with 6 weeks of groups. It will be played out in a pseudo-swiss style.

    • Playoffs will be seeded based on the results of the groups stage. 


    • A team may not run more than 2 stand-ins in a game. 

    • Stand-in must meet all the criteria listed in Player Account Rules in addition to the following ones.

    • Stand-in value must be equal to or below the rank of the player they are replacing at signup

    • Stand-ins that are 3 stars below the average will be accepted if they are above the badge of the player, so long as this keeps the AVG below 0. (ie. Archon 5 stand-in for a Archon 1 player in contender)

    • Players from a league above will be allowed to be used as a stand-in, as long as they meet above requirements

    • Captains may deny stand-ins at their discretion, with admin approval

    • If you need to use a stand-in for a game, you must make a ticket with the following information: dotabuff of stand-in, player being stood in for, and who you are playing against. We will include the opposing captain in the ticket and ensure that all protocols are followed.

    • If you use a stand-in without admin approval, you risk possible draft penalties in future series or even forfeiting the game/series or, depending on the severity of the offense.

    • Draft penalties for late announced stand-in at 90 minutes, and 30 minutes before the scheduled game time, 30 and 70 seconds respectively.

    Player Replacement

             You will be limited to 3 roster replacements a season, as well as 3/5ths of the team must remain the same from the start of the season

    • Roster replacements must meet all the criteria listed in Player Account Rules in addition to the following ones.

    • Players rank + rest of rosters CURRENT ranks must be below 0

    • If no player satisfies the above, and you still need a replacement. You may take one up to the floor of the league. I.e Archon 3 in Contender


    Games are scheduled every week on Thursday night 9pm EST. Please do not register if Thursday nights are going to be a problem for you or your team. Reschedules are allowed in AD2L, but they are a courtesy and not mandatory. Teams can expect to play every Thursday night, no communication required.

    To propose a reschedule, contact the other team via discord or steam. We will have Captains listed in the captain’s channel to aid you in contacting them. Once a reschedule is agreed upon, please update the match time on the website so that other people know. If both captains cannot agree on a new time to reschedule, the DEFAULT time IS the scheduled time. If captains agree to a rescheduled time they cannot later decide to change it back to the default time and catch a team/captain unaware. Each week’s schedule is generated Sunday night. Games have to be played before then or it becomes a forfeit in favor of the team that could play Thursday. Make sure you agree upon a reschedule before 9pm Thursday! Don’t try to work it out after the fact!

    Please check your match pages frequently for comments or changes! Each match on the site will have a lobby password generated for it on the match page. The team that is hosting the series is listed on the match page (Home Team), and that team is expected to create the lobby with the team names as the lobby title. 


  • If all of your team’s players are not in the lobby 15 minutes after the scheduled time, you forfeit your series. If both captains agree to play late, you may no longer claim a forfeit win. Evidence of a no-show should always be captured (screen shot, etc) and submitted via ticket to an Admin in discord. If you forfeit 3 series then your team will be removed from the league for the season.

    Score Reporting

    We’ve also empowered captains to report scores on the website. It is the job of the captains to ensure your teams scores are accurate. Please report each match by signing into the website and editing the score on the match page after your game. 

Disagreements Or Issues

  • Please submit a ticket in the #admin-request and we will help you with any mmr problems on the opposing team or any bad behavior that is reported. Smurf need to be brought to the Admin’s attention so that they can be submitted to the #smurf-court if necessary. 


    Please contact admins via ticket request and not via DM.

    We have you contact the other captain ahead of time to ensure the time works and to coordinate on finding a caster or whatever else you might need for your games. Team Captains and their rosters will be listed in the #teams channel. However, should you be unable to communicate with the other team, contact AD2L admins via ticket.

Behavior In Games

  • We are a fun league, but we expect players to treat each other with respect. Unless you know the players on the other team and are good friends, please refrain from all chatting things like GG EZ or anything that would be considered bad mannered. Captains can submit cases to the admins to review. Admins have the right to issue forfeits and remove teams from the league depending on the severity of the violation.

    The only thing that should be discussed in all chat is why a team is pausing. If you have to question if something is appropriate, it’s probably not. Tipping, and chat-wheel voice lines are allowed. 

    Also please observe the usual common etiquette:

    •    No politics/religion chat

    •    No telling people to kill or harm themselves.

    •    No spam.

    •    No bullying.

    •    No content which may be pornographic or otherwise unsuitable (nothing NSFW)

    •    Doxxing anyone

    •    No racist, homophobic, sexist or otherwise hateful speech or material.

    If there is a case where a player is being toxic, take screenshots of the offense, either from ingame or from a pulled chat log, and submit them to admins using a ticket. Admins have the right to issue draft penalties, forfeits and remove players/teams from the league depending on the severity of the violation.

Game Settings

  • All games must be played on the ticket. If a captain doesn’t have a ticket for whatever reason please have the captain with the ticket host the lobby or contact an admin to set up a lobby for you..

    2 Game Series for the Group Stage, Best of 3 for the Playoffs, Best of 3/5 (players choice) for the Playoff Final.

    Game Mode: Captains Mode

    -Side/Pick: Flip first game, loser of coin flip gets to have first pick next game. Repeat flip/defer until series ends.

    Server: US East

    Spectators: Allowed

    Cheats: Disabled

    DotaTV Delay: 5 Minutes

    Do not forget to set the AD2L ticket in the lobby settings!


  • -Each game you are allowed to pause 5 times, or 8 minutes, whichever runs out first.

    -Going over the allotted pause time without the consent of the other team results in a forfeit of the match.

Casting and Streaming

  • Casters from the official #casters channel in discord are allowed to cast games. Captains have the right to refuse casters they are not comfortable with. If a captain refuses a caster they must cast the match from the watch tab.

    Any streams of matches must be 5 minutes behind the actual game (live game with 5 minute stream delay, or 5 min dotatv delay with no stream delay). 

    Please be professional and respectful with the casting and avoid flaming/bullying/all-chatting. A balanced cast that isn’t one sided to one team is the most enjoyable. If a team complains about the cast, punishments may be handed out, including but not limited to loss of the caster role in discord.


  • Please ask questions any time via ticket and we are happy to clarify anything as necessary.