Apr 11 CD Tourney


Hover over a match to view time information, you can also click on a match to go to the page for that match. Always trust the individual match pages as the final source of information, the brackets may ocasionally be drawn wrong




Games will start at or after 10AM PDT. All teams will be required to check-in no later than 9:55AM PDT so brackets can be created. If you do not check in by that time, we reserve the right to remove you from the tournament without refund. Depending on participation, the starting time may be adjusted.
Matches should be played as rapidly as possible, regardless of scheduled time (these are only estimates).


At least one member from each team must be in the AD2L Steam chat. Only they should communicate in steam chat. Friend requests are unreliable. Guild chat is non-official. Lobby passwords will be automatically generated, so please simply follow the standard lobby creation and use the chat only if you cannot find your opponent.

Reporting and Disputes

The winner of each match MUST submit the score and a screenshot of the game result on the appropriate match page immediately after the game. This will progress the tournament and help us keep things rolling.


AD2L has the highest standards for a positive community. BMing, raging, and generally poor behavior will result in your immediate removal from the tournament. If you feel someone has crossed the line, please collect screenshots and submit them to us via email.

Stand ins

Stand ins are totally allowed. We know everyone may not be available the whole day. At least 2 members of the first game played in the tournament must be present in subsequent games.

Tournament Style

All matches will be BO1, with the exception of the Grand Finals which will be BO3. Seeding for Home/Away preference will be randomly assigned. A consolation 3rd/4th place match may be played if the prize pool or participation rate merits it. This will be determined based on the timing of the tournament on the day of play.


Casters may be looking to cast your game. They will be in the AD2L steam chat so keep an eye out for them. In general, there is no limit to the number of casters for a game, though in some cases we may choose to limit that. All streams must have a minimum 2 minute delay. No one affiliated with either team may cast or be in a spectator slot, they must watch with the standard 2-minute delay, and may not be in voice chat with any players.

Game Settings

Game Mode: Captains Draft

Home team (found on the match page or the higher seed in tournament play) gets choice between either pick or side.

Version: Tournament

Spectators: AD2L Season 6 Ticket - 2 minutes

Cheats: Disabled

Server: Defaults to USE, may be changed to any other server if both teams agree.


Teams are allowed to pause up to three times per match for network or pressing real life issues only. The opposing team must respect this pause for a minimum of three minutes, but then are free to unpause whenever they wish. Use the bathroom before you q.


Starting prize pool will be $25 for the winner, and $5 for the runner-up. If participation is high, we may increase the prize pool or add a consolation 3rd/4th place match.