Mind Game Challenger Series


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Schedule will be released when the tournament starts on May 18, 2019 6:30PM EDT

Welcome To The Mind Game Challenger Series Rules Tab!!!

1) Players must be Divine 3 or lower in order to participate. The account they use must be their main account. If a smurf discord account or smurf dota account is used, the team using the smurf will be immediately disqualified. 2) Tournament bracketing will be determined based on the number of teams in attendance! Teams may be given a bye at the admin's discretion based on team rank, or overall performance in the current round. Brackets and bye conditions will be announced the day of the tournament! 3) The style of the tournament will be Double-elimination. The Tournament will be hosted on our discord. Every player must be registered, and showing as Online in this discord in order to participate in the tournament. Pro info must match available Dotabuff records.

(All further information can be found on our Discord via the following link! ---->https://discord.gg/gMsGzZB)