March Under 4K - One Day


Division TBD
Place Name Wins
1 #RebornDominion 0
Division 1
Place Name Wins
1 Ayamas 2
2 Snowflakes, Assemble! 1
3 Door County LAN Trust 0
Division 2
Place Name Wins
1 Relax, You're Doing Fine 2
2 We Make Bad Decisions 1
3 Lets Finish This Quickly 0
Division 3
Place Name Wins
1 Krazy Dude Gaming 2
2 Plyg Kids 1
3 Team Gravity Gaming 0
Division 4
Place Name Wins
1 Rockshandy 2
2 Kick Ass Patrol 1
3 Limit Break 0


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Date Match Score Details
3/26/16 3:45PM EDT Rockshandy vs Limit Break 1 : 0 Info
3/26/16 3:45PM EDT Team Gravity Gaming vs Krazy Dude Gaming 0 : 1 Info
3/26/16 3:45PM EDT Lets Finish This Quickly vs Relax, You're Doing Fine 0 : 1 Info
3/26/16 3:45PM EDT Door County LAN Trust vs Snowflakes, Assemble! 0 : 1 Info

What to expect:


  • Aarmora

  • Shadowkiller

  • Moon

No one over 3999k MMR party or solo mmr is allowed to play.  All players must be calibrated.

1:15pm EST -

1:35pm EST -

  • Close check ins.  If a captain has not checked in by this point they will not be participate and not receive a refund.

  • Eight divisions will be created.  An even number of teams will attempt to be had in all divisions.  If total number of teams is odd, this may not be possible.

1:40pm EST -

  • Matches released for group stages

  • Each team will play three best of ones

  • On the website, you’ll use the schedule on the right side and start with your match that is under the “1”

Later pm EST -

  • Once all group stage matches are concluded, the top team from each division will progress.  Any tiebreakers will be decided in a quick best of 1.

  • Brackets will be made with 8 teams.

  • All bracket play will be bo1 (two rounds) except for the grand finals, which will be a bo3.


This is an under 4K Tournament, made for competitive players under 4k mmr party or solo.  Players must play on a calibrated account and will be subject to spot checks. 

Captains must be in the group chat by 1:15pm EST through the duration of the tournament or until knocked out, and be able to speak English. The Administrator will be running the tournament from the AD2L Group Chat. 

Captains must report scores immediately . After the schedule is out, teams are responsible for making their own lobbies and playing their games (we suggest Friending the other captain on steam).

Game play

Teams are allowed three pauses for non-tactical purposes/emergencies. Teams must respect a pause for at least 3 minutes before unpausing.

Game mode: captains mode- group stage will consist of three games played within your group. The top team in each group will move on to playoffs. playoffs are best of 1 single elimination with a best of 3 championship match.  

All players must remain in the game until an ancient is destroyed and the scoreboard is shown. 

Brackets will be created at 1:30pm EST.

Tie Breakers

After group stages there is a possibly there could be ties.  If so, the winner will be decided by the winner of the head to head game that was already played during group stage.


No bad language or spamming. Disrespectful use of the chat is to be documented by captains and reported to the admin in the chat. (be respectful, and have fun)

Prize Pool

The winning team will receive a prize of $100


Stand-ins are allowed, keep in mind that stand ins must also be under 4K MMR to participate.

Game Settings

Home team gets choice between either pick or side.

Version: Tournament

Spectators: AD2L

Cheats: Disabled


US East by default unless both teams agree to moving servers. 

Check In

Check in will begin 20 minutes before official start time. Any team that misses check in will not be able to play in the tournament.