We're good for tonight, if we could possibly start a little early that would be great. like 830 or something. If not thats fine too as long as were on time
Hey I'm girthy and would like to join your team or sub if you could please add me if you ever need another player
Hey can we reschedule our match for tomorrow? A couple of our members have work late today.
it will be hard to do it anytime this week because I got at least 1 person gone on thursday, friday and saturday. on tuesday and wednesday we have one gone until 9:30 pm est, so if you cant do it on those 2 days then we will have to do it sometime next weekend.
light 1/29/18 8:16AM EST
sorry, anytime after 6pm est, preferably starting before 9pm est
light 1/28/18 11:10PM EST
hey we can only play on the 4th, is that ok with u guys?
light 1/28/18 11:05PM EST
Right on
BDC 1/2/18 10:26AM EST
Hey, we'll definitely have 5 for the match, and the time works for us!
BDC 1/2/18 10:19AM EST

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