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hey how do we confirm that we on tournament it doesnt show anything?
Hello, I have been trying to get in contact with Team BIBEH for a tourny match that was to happen 2 weeks ago, but due to the lack of communication from the other team, I am asking for a default win. I have tried to contact the team captain almost daily, to no avail. I am lucky to get a reply once a week.
Hello, can you explain to me some info about the S11 EU League tournamnet, becouse we are new to the site and registered, so before we are willing to pay for it, we need a bit of info for the tournamnet, And also how can we join the inhouse?
exZ 4/9/16 5:58AM EDT
hey how do i join the inhouse id really love to play in the 2016 inhouse but dont know how to get in
For inhouses points to be added, do you have to play a normal match or ranked? Thank you, e-mail:
Hey man we are a solid 4k team with lots we attended many amatures before and we would like to join the upcoming event thankyou-
MuGG 1/13/16 9:02AM EST
want to try your very inhouse, how can i start?
How do i do Europe in houses
WTF 4/18/15 6:22AM EDT
How do I get an invite into the NA guild for inhouses?

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