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Hey everyone! I'm Infinite. I've been playing Dota 2 for over three years now. I've been casting with Symph, Fudo, EzPz, Cthluhlu, and some other casters for only about two years, so I've got plenty to learn. I've casted in the MAGFest 13 and MAGFest 2016 LAN Tournamens, DTOT Spring 2014 Tournament, WD2L Season 1, and I've been casting here at AD2L since Season 5. I generally run color commentary beside a play-by-play caster, (but sometimes it's flipped!) and I try to keep the cast in a positive direction. I'll be keeping an eye on the AD2L schedule, so hopefully I can cast an upcoming game for your team!
Get infinite to cast your games. He's fun, knowledgeable, and reliable!
Fudo 2/28/15 5:47PM EST

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